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We have limited space in our September OUTDOOR prenatal yoga series near our Toronto clinic.  Our online prenatal yoga classes will resume again in October.

Prenatal Yoga & Parent/Caregiver & Baby Yoga

Prenatal and postnatal yoga exercise classes for pregnancy, fitness, and healthOur prenatal yoga, and parent/caregiver-and-baby yoga classes are all taught by doulas, childbirth educators, and parents.

Yoga during pregnancy and beyond can help to relax your body, calm your mind and help you connect with your baby. Yoga is usually safely performed at any time during your pregnancy – from the moment you get your positive pregnancy test, right up until your due date.

Our postnatal parent/caregiver-and-baby yoga classes in Newmarket & York region, and Toronto will get your body moving again safely after baby has arrived. Prenatal yoga may help relieve back pain, can help reduce your stress, may help reduce your swollen, achy joints, and may help you sleep! In addition, you’ll meet other mamas & parents who have had their babies at around the same time as you, to help you build your parenting village.

Please note: our online prenatal yoga classes have been suspended for the remainder of the summer and will resume in the fall.

We'd love to have you join us!

Online prenatal yoga will resume in October, 2021. Check our schedule for more details.

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Prenatal Yoga Classes

Pregnant woman heads to prenatal yoga classesWe know what it’s like to be pregnant. We can help you move your body, connect with your baby and feel your best.

Prenatal yoga can mean something different to everyone. It may mean slowing down, feeling your body move slowly and purposefully. Sometimes it can mean getting a deeper connection with your baby. It could mean finally – finally! – fully moving your body after getting over first trimester ickiness. Whatever it means to you, come join us for prenatal yoga online.

ONLINE Prenatal Yoga Toronto, Newmarket & York Region

There is limited space remaining in our OUTDOOR prenatal yoga series in September 2021. Our online prenatal yoga classes will resume in October, 2021.
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prenatal yoga class imagePracticing Yoga allows a pregnant person to focus deeply on their pregnancy. It provides an opportunity for them to consciously integrate the mental, emotional and physical changes they experience during this period in their life.

Practicing a variety of gentle and vigorous postures, prenatal yoga nurtures the soul, builds strength, endurance and flexibility, and provides you with the tools that will help during labour, birth and beyond.

Postnatal (Parent/Caregiver & Baby) Yoga Classes Toronto, Newmarket & York Region

Postnatal yoga exercise classes for mom and babyBring your baby to class!

Please note: our mom and baby yoga classes are held online (virtual, live-taught, interactive classes that are never pre-recorded!). 

Having a new little one at home is awesome, but sometimes it can be hard to actually move our bodies when we are stuck under our babies 24/7. Join us for Parent/Caregiver-and-baby Yoga in our Newmarket & York Region and Toronto locations, where you can meet some other mamas, stretch and move your body, help that aching back and reduce some of your postpartum stress. We have a safe, comfortable, nursing-friendly space available for you to feel your best and recover as you navigate life as a new mama.

Parent/Caregiver & Baby Yoga

Schedule: Parent/Caregiver & Baby yoga is a 5 or 6 week series (length varies). Click here for upcoming series start dates.

Our online parent and caregiver classes will resume in October, 2021.

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Mom and baby participate in a fun postnatal yoga classJoin us for a 5 or 6 week gentle online parent/caregiver & baby yoga class in Newmarket & York Region and Toronto – stretch, strengthen, and connect to your postpartum body. Classes are one hour long, and limited to 12 participants per class. You will get individual attention, and make some new parent friends while you’re at it!

Please note that while babies come to class, they are not used as props in this class. They hang out while you enjoy your yoga practice. 🙂


We'd love to have you join us!

Our online caregiver and baby yoga classes will resume in October, 2021

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Instructor led prenatal and postnatal yoga classes.

Enjoy the comfort of being taught by doulas, childbirth educators, and mamas.

A community of moms, parents and moms & parents-to-be.

Prenatal Yoga Classes – in-person near our Toronto clinic for the summer!

Our online yoga classes will resume in October, 2021.