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Tips & Tricks on How to Carry a Car Seat

By Dr. Olivia Avolio (she/her), Chiropractor

Do you experience arm pain after carrying a car seat for a prolonged period of time? Have you ever noticed how awkwardly you walk as the car seat continually hits your legs?
Lucky for you, we are going to share some tips and tricks on how to carry a car seat that will help prevent all of these issues and maintain proper posture!

What Should Be Avoided When Carrying a Car Seat

First, let’s go through some things you should try to avoid:

* Carrying the car seat with one hand
* Carrying the car seat far from your torso
* Carrying the car seat low enough that it hits your thighs/legs
* Leaning your entire body away from the car seat as you walk

Instead, Try the Following: 

Now that we are familiar with what we should avoid, here are step-by-step instructions we think would be super helpful:

* Turn the car seat so that your baby is facing you
* Kneel or squat close to the baby carrier
* Loop your arm through the handle
* Turn your hand so that your palm is facing down
* Use that hand to support the weight of the car seat
* Lift yourself and the car seat up







The above pictures demonstrate proper lifting and carrying techniques! It is important for mamas to make sure they are taking into consideration their posture while carrying their little ones. This method helps to distribute weight in a way that helps to alleviate any unnecessary strain on your arms, hips and back! Building up your arms, hips, and back muscles can also relieve some of the stress on our body, through yoga classes

Keep in mind that there are so many different brands and models of car seats available, therefore, this quick and easy method may not work well for everyone! Below is an alternative technique that you may find more helpful and comfortable. Rather than use one hand, you are going to carry the car seat in front of you with two. You want to make sure to keep the car seat as close to your core as possible, similarly to how you would carry a laundry basket!

Car seat image 4







Try these techniques to see how they feel and pick which one is best for you! Good luck mamas & happy carrying!

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