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Tristan Kiraly (she/her)

Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant

Tristan is passionate about supporting families to meet their individual infant feeding goals. As a mother of two energetic girls, Tristan can empathize with the challenges of parenthood. Through gentle guidance and compassion, Tristan uses her experience and expertise to empower parents throughout their breastfeeding journey. Tristan is an International Board certified Lactation Consultant, having trained extensively at the International Breastfeeding Center with Dr. Jack Newman and colleagues.

She is also an experienced Registered Nurse working in primary care. Since 2016, Tristan has offered in-home lactation support. She looks forward to collaborating with West-End Mamas to help create a village of support for families.

For more information please contact Tristan or book an appointment during her clinic hours Thursdays 12pm -2pm.

Tristan Kiraly, RN, IBCLC
(647) 539-4688

Tristan is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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