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Tara Mahoney

Yoga Instructor

Tara Mahoney is a BLOOMA Prenatal and Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher based in Toronto. She has been teaching yoga since 2015, and pre- and post-natal yoga since 2018. Recently, she has began experimenting with the incorporation of other forms of movement, such as dance and Pilates, into her classes.Tara began taking yoga classes in 2013 to build physical strength, but stuck to the practice because of the emotional and mental benefits of asana.

Through movement classes, she has been able to find a little more love and tenderness towards herself, which has enabled her to achieve many things she never thought possible – including becoming a movement teacher. Dynamic, strength-building flows and an emphasis on the connection to breath are supported by music, to help you tune in or tune out. Tara’s classes focus on building a closer relationship with the physical body – listening to its cues to assess its needs in order to move from a place of awareness and kindness. In teaching movement classes, Tara hopes to facilitate the journey towards self-love for her students.

Tara is fully vaccinated against Covid-19.