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Madeline Mills (she/her)

General Manager

Madeline is truly the one that keeps West End Mamas running as smoothly as it does, and we’re lucky to have her!  She is passionate about respecting people’s diverse approaches to parenthood and life in general.

After getting her B.A in Anthropology from York University, Madeline went to Taiwan with the plan of teaching English for one year. She ended up spending almost ten years living in Asia, teaching English, studying Mandarin and getting a Master’s degree in Asian Studies. She returned to Canada four years ago with a baby girl and rescue dog in tow.

Having a baby far from home and in a different culture was a challenging yet rewarding experience for her that really drove home the importance of community in raising kids (and parents!). At West End Mamas, Madeline works behind the scenes to make sure that every part of the clinic is running smoothly and to keep all of us on track!

When she’s not working, Madeline spends as much time as possible outdoors with her little one or cooking healthy meals for her family.

Madeline is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.