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Krystel Lea

Certified HynoBirthing Instructor and Child Birth Educator

Krystel’s passion is to help people prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually for the birth of their child. She aims to help provide the power and strength to instinctively birth a baby in a safe and gentle way.

Coming from a very big family, Krystel has always been surrounded by pregnant women and babies. She naturally took to tending to her baby cousins and helped in any way she could. During her last year of Registered Massage Therapy School, Krystel learned about Breast and Prenatal massage. She realized that she found great pleasure and purpose in helping women and their partners prepare for the best birth specific to each couple. She dove deeper into this passion and took more continuing education in Post partum massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology and even Belly Wrapping.

Aloha is a word that Krystel holds very deeply in her heart because her family is from Hawaii and the term has a meaning that is special to her. Aloha translates to “breath of life” or “presence of breath”. Not only does Krystel live by giving aloha love to everyone she meets, but she also lives by the Buddhist teaching of Metta which means “loving kindness”.

Through her work, she hopes to inspire, educate and mentor people to achieve a positive birth experience.