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Katelynn Corman (she/her)

Yoga Instructor

Katelynn’s passion for movement began as a very young child through dance and has continued throughout her life to be the movement specialist she is today.
Yoga specifically has helped her to overcome chronic pain and discomfort, connect to a deeper meaning in life, as well as a way to stay present, grounded, and appreciative of every moment as a mother, wife, and nature enthusiast.
She became a Yoga and Pilates Instructor in 2012 and has been teaching all over the GTA, online, and now in her new community in Cambridge, Ontario.
During her first pregnancy, in 2018, she trained with Sasha Padron to become a Pre and Postnatal Instructor and has been loving her experience teaching to these communities ever since!
Her enthusiasm for life, connection, and movement is contagious, and you’ll leave each class feeling inspired, motivated, and more aligned in body, mind, and spirit.