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Understanding Newborn Sleep & Sleep Foundations

By Dr. Denise Gassner (she/her), Infant and Child Sleep Expert
Hello, I am Dr Denise Gastner, certified sleep science coach and the family sleep expert here at West End Mamas.
Now i’m sure you’ve heard it before get sleep now before baby comes because you’re never gonna sleep again. And it’s true, as new parents it’s commonly treated as a rite of passage that you’re going to be foregoing a considerable amount of sleep as you adjust to life with your newborn. Yet sleep is one of the most foundational aspects of your baby’s growth and development. It’s also critical to your health and well-being as you foray into this world of new parenthood.
But how do we know what sleep is supposed to look like in our newborns, it’s very different from the way that you and I do it. What’s considered biologically normal, how does it morph, and change over the first weeks and months of life? How can we provide the best most sleep-promoting support to our babies well?

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In this workshop, we are going to discuss why sleep is so critical for your newborn and how it’s internally regulated. How you can set up the most sleep-promoting environment for your baby based on both the physiological and environmental cues that your baby’s brain and body are searching for. Where you can focus your no doubt limited
energy, during the first weeks and months of development. How you can monitor your own sleep to ensure that you’re getting the most restorative rest possible in those in-between moments. So even though sleep is no doubt going
to look a little bit different for the next little while, it doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. Knowing what to expect
and how to optimize sleep in your household can make all the difference in those wee morning hours when it feels like you’re never gonna sleep again.  This workshop is designed to help you get there

Learn what you need to do to set up your little one for healthy sleep habits with Infant & Child Sleep Expert, Dr. Denise Gassner

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