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Stretches for Lower Back in Pregnancy (Part 2)

By Dr. Olivia Avolio (she/her), Chiropractor

Dr Olivia Avolio, Prenatal & Postnatal Chiropractor a, provides stretches to help lower back pain (part 2). Click here for Part 1.

Go to the wall and we’re going to do another stretch. So you’re going to come to the wall where you’re going to stand hip-width apart. You’re going to bring your arms on the wall, shoulder-width apart, you’re going to step back a little bit, and the goal is you’re going to kind of come in with your chest. Bring your chest towards the wall and then come back out. You’re going to bring your chest towards the wall, squeeze the shoulder blades together, and then arch your back out. So one more time, chest towards the wall and then arch your back out. You’re gonna do this about eight to ten times as well.

Then the last one is on the door frame. I’ll bring you to the door frame here, you’re gonna take any sort of door frame that you have. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna focus on stretching your pec muscles or your muscles on the front of your chest. You’re going to take your foot and place it against the door frame, the same side arm is going to come up against the door at a 90-degree angle, you’re going to lean forward and then rotate out. You should feel the stretch all in here. You’re going to try and hold that for about 30 seconds. I want you to do it twice per arm. I’ll show you on the other side.

We’re going to put our foot in front of the door, arm at a 90-degree angle, lean forward, and then rotate out. You should feel it, all the stretching in there.

Those are three simple exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home that should help with posture as well as mid-back pain. If you guys have any questions make sure to contact us at West End Mamas.

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