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Shoulder Mobility Exercises From a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Learn easy at-home shoulder stretches and mobility exercises for mid-back stiffness. Taught by Amy Gildner, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist.

All right, it’s Amy again. Back with yet another stretch of the day. Today is a little bit different, we’re going to work on shoulder mobility more than anything. So I’m giving you one mobility exercise, one stretch.

Starting off I would grab a small sheet or a towel if you have a broomstick that would also work. However,  I find a towel works just as well. I’m going to hold this small towel right ahead, about shoulder distance apart maybe a little bit further than shoulder distance apart. You don’t want to be too narrow for this so I’m gonna hold it here. Make sure that it’s taut and tight, you again don’t want it too slack. Holding it taut and tight I’m gonna face you sideways so you can see what I’m doing.

I’m gonna start off here and you’re just reaching all the way up overhead and back down. You’re going to feel stretch here in your back, in your shoulders, in your chest. Just feels great to open up, a lot of the time we get quite stiff in our society we don’t have a lot of what we call thoracic extension. We are normally like this. This is a really good exercise for that. We’re just doing the opposite here. It feels great, so I would do about 10 or 15 of these extensions.

Say goodbye to aches and hello to feeling good

Then two options here, you can continue using the sheet or you can do what I’m going to do. I have long monkey arms, I’m five foot ten, I can do this no problem. Feels great, again, you’re opening up your chest, your triceps. However, if you cannot do this and it’s my claim to fame, I would have a sheet you can use a sheet to achieve that instead. So again still getting a nice stretch, still feels great. You would hold this on either side for, again, my 60-second recommendation

All right so that’s your stretch of the day, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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