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Guided Prenatal Meditation to do Before Labour

Join Melissa Winkler, Yoga Instructor, for a short guided meditation for prenatal women who are preparing for labour and delivery.

Hey, it’s Melissa with West End Mamas. I’m gonna be guiding us through a guided meditation.

Spending [time with] meditation that you do.  There’s no right or wrong way on how to do this up as long as you are comfortable. You could be lying on your back, whether that’s on a yoga mat or just being propped up with any cushions or anything if it means perhaps even lying in bed. Some people like to do meditation in a seated position, that could be on the ground perhaps, your glutes being supported by a bolster. Could also be seated in a chair as well. So I’m just gonna get myself nice and comfy. Just take your time coming to any position that does feel best for you right now.

Then just close the eyes, just gonna take a couple of deep breaths together. So checking an inhale through the nose, long exhale through the nose. Try that again, inhale and you exhale. Good one more. Then keeping your eyes closed here, just start to visualize what the perfect birth means to you. Perhaps just noticing any colors that stand out. Are there certain sounds? Perhaps music is playing. Are there certain smells? I’ll see the atmosphere, the mood.

Begin to visualize who’s there with you; loving you, guiding you, supporting you. Then visualize your baby in your arms. And sending them all your love, kindness, and gratitude. Send love, kindness, gratitude to all those supporting you on this journey. Whether that includes a partner, family, relatives, friends. It’s in love, kindness, gratitude to you; as your body has been changing these months. We’ve honored it, accepted it, and nourished it. Knowing as you care and nourish for you you’re caring and nourishing your baby.

Take caring of mind, taking care of body

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