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Prenatal & Postnatal Videos

How to store breast milk properly.

There's a lot of confusion, a lot of mixed information out there on the internet about this subject. Lactation consultant, Rose Le Blanc, from West End Mamas, discusses the proper way to store breast milk.

Postpartum recovery – The Coregeous Ball

Alison Ribeiro educates us about one of the products that we carry called the coregeous ball. The coregeous ball here is something that we highly recommend to those individuals who have had a C-section, more so to help mobilize the scar tissue and any of the underlying connective tissue in and around the area.

How to make tummy time easier for your baby

Hi, my name is Catherine Samet and I’m the pediatric physiotherapist here at West End Mamas in the York region and I just wanted to give you a few techniques today to help make tummy time a little easier for your little one. We know that many struggle with it. So the first thing, is […]

What Happens at a Prenatal Chiro Appointment

Sarah Mickeler, Chiropractor and Founder of West End Mamas, shows us what happens during a prenatal chiropractic appointment. Hey guys, so I think that there’s a lot of misconceptions about what happens in a chiropractic appointment for prenatal. And admittedly, at West End Mamas, we do things differently than other clinics do. So, I wanted […]

Infant & Baby Sleep with Dr. Denise Gassner

Hello, everyone’s waving, nice to see you. I’m coming to you from the floor of my daughter’s room because working from home you have to make some concessions. I think everybody probably can appreciate what that is like right now. So that’s yeah, that’s my background that you’re seeing. Welcome. I will just tell you […]

Stretches for Upper and Middle Back Pain

Hello, my name is Allison.  I’m one of the physios here at West End Mamas. Today we’re just going to be going through a thread the needle stretch and really what this is it’s a wonderful stretch for your thoracic spine which is your upper back. Really with all of us just spending so much […]

Understanding Baby & Toddler Sleep Regressions

Everybody talks about them those dreaded moments when your baby goes from sleeping like a total champ to being up all night long. Those tried and true techniques that you’ve mastered for settling your little one back into dreamland just stop working, Sleep regressions, depending on who you talk to, can happen a lot throughout […]