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Free Positive Birth Seminar



2 hours

Join local moms, Jenn and Karen, as they discuss how they became interested in having positive births, their own experiences throughout pregnancy and birth, and tools that helped them develop a positive mindset during pregnancy and throughout labour. This session is meant to be casual and conversational, encouraging participants to ask questions or simply talk about what’s on their minds as they prepare for birth. 
Their objective is to create a safe space to facilitate positive conversations around physiological birth. The pair have been friends for ten years and have had 3 natural and positive births between them. Both Jenn and Karen feel strongly that creating an environment where women can share positive experiences is incredibly empowering. We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • Karen Bongard and Jenn Corbett | Positive Birth Seminar | West End MamasKaren Bongard and Jenn CorbettPositive Birth Educators

    Karen and Jenn have been friends for over ten years now and between them, have had 4 positive birth experiences. Framing birth in a positive light is something they feel very passionately about as they both struggled with the negative narrative that can often surround birth while they were pregnant.

    They found that people were readily inclined to share their ‘war stories’ but hearing about a positive experience was quite rare. They both felt strongly that they wanted to have natural births and speaking to other women who had had positive experiences was incredibly empowering and a wonderful resource. This inspired them to begin the process of creating The Positive Birth Space.

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