Pelvic Floor & Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Treatments address the pain and discomfort associated with weak or imbalanced pelvic floor muscles. Even if you’ve been doing your Kegel exercises on a regular basis, you might still have trouble with lower back pain or abdominal pain or discomfort during sex. That’s where we come in.

What to Expect During the First Visit?

We take a very thorough history to get a clear idea of what your pelvic history (prior to pregnancy) was like.

For example: have you ever leaked while doing crossfit? Do you have a history of chronic pelvic pain? Has sex ever been painful? Has everything always been hunky dory? These are all useful questions.

Moving on, we get to what your current symptoms are (if any).

For example: have you ever leaked while doing Crossfit? Do you have a history of chronic pelvic pain? Has sex ever been painful? Has everything always been hunky-dory? These are all useful questions.

Thorough explanation of what the pelvic floor is.

(for those that don’t know: it’s the muscles INSIDE your pelvis).

Then we move on to assessment.

Because the pelvic floor muscles are internal and not visible from the outside, the therapist can’t actually accurately assess and treat pelvic dysfunction without a proper internal evaluation. We say that it’s like seeing a physio for shoulder pain but wearing a parka. You would have a hard time getting an accurate diagnosis without actually assessing the function of the muscles themselves.

It’s time to get your “down there” back in shape!

Complementary Services & Treatments

We provide a holistic approach to treatment and have a wide variety of services that complement each other. Click on the links below for more information about how our other services can help you on your path to motherhood.


Acupuncture balances the body’s systems to achieve overall optimal health. Acupuncture is a relaxing and non-invasive treatment that can enhance the efficacy of other treatments and services.

Chiropractic Care

Regardless of when you start, we’ll address your aches and pains, release any tension in your lower back, and reduce any discomfort you may be experiencing.

Massage Therapy

Our Registered Massage Therapists are specialists in fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum challenges. Reduce physical and emotional stress levels, and alleviate sore muscles and anxiety.

What Our Happy Mothers Are Saying

My daughter had a wonderful with her first day of baby physiotherapy… which will be her last…. but the staff is nice and so very warm. I’m happy I found this place to carry my baby. And myself in the future. Highly recommend this place to anyone…. great experience and I enjoyed it immensely. Thank for the wonderful time here.

5-Star Rating

Amber F.

Amazing pre-natal yoga classes, it is really the best preparation for birth, I am so grateful I was able to manage the pain thanks to you! Liz is amazing. Also loved the sorority vibe and support. Yoga with baby is also a great experience, Lynn is super kind and glowing! Thank you to all instructors and all the team for you dedication, support and great energy.

5-Star Rating

Lucie A.

A first time experience in Newmarket location today and I will be back 100%. Heather was my RMT and immediately very welcoming. She had lots of great advice to share with a first time momma to be and it was greatly appreciated. Loved the atmosphere, very clean and calming . Massage was very relaxing and I felt as if I received attention right where I needed it most. I will be interested in there free workshops and other services in the future. Highly recommended. Thanks Heather!!

5-Star Rating

Beth A.

I wish I could give this place 100 stars for the amazing staff and services they offer!! I’ve been coming here since very early on in my pregnancy and the amount of support and the quality of service they offer is the absolute best!! I’ve had many treatments here, but my faves are physiotherapy (pelvic floor included) by Amy Gildner. She is an incredible healer with the most amazing energy! She knows her stuff and is so caring; she books up fast so make sure to book in advance. Chiropractic care: Olivia Avolio!! She’s amazing at what she does and has a beautiful and calm energy about her that instantly makes you feel comfortable. I trust her fully and she’s helped my back issues so much! Osteopathy: Cathy Boyce! I don’t even have words to explain how healing this woman is!! She has magical powers…just book with her and you’ll see!! They have so much more going on here, I’m positive everyone is amazing! So so grateful I found WEM to help me on my journey through pregnancy and beyond :-))

5-Star Rating

Luisa D.

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