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Postpartum Sharing Circle – FREE

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1 hour weekly

This class is currently being taught ONLINE in a live-taught, interactive format. 

We are proud to share the Toronto Birth Centre’s new Sharing Circle group. No need to have given brith there, or have any affiliation with the centre, all new parents and their partners and/or support people are welcome! Our very own Safire Naranjo helps facilitate this group aimed at building a supportive community and safe place for new parents to ask questions, and express thoughts and feelings.

This group is held Thursday mornings from 11:00am-12:00pm. To register please send an email to

This class is not hosted by West End Mamas.

Class / Workshop Facilitators

  • Safire Naranjo (she/her)EFT Practitioner and Trauma Healer

    Safire Naranjo has been practicing midwifery in Toronto for the past 12 years and has had the honour and privilege of working with over 1000 birthing families. Her birth work has led her to offering services as a Wellness Coach doing Prenatal and Postpartum Coaching with an emphasis on Trauma Healing, using Emotional Freedom Techniques and Breath Work. Safire specializes in working with clients who have experienced reproductive traumas (fertility challenges, early birth/miscarriage, birth traumas, lactation traumas, or gynaecological traumas). 

    In addition, Safire coaches clients to prepare for the birth of their dreams, using tapping as a manifestation tool and using mindfulness strategies to set out a clear intention for a positive and healthy birthing and postpartum experience. 

    Safire is also a yoga instructor and has a dedicated daily yoga practice. She is the mother of two beautiful children who know a lot about birthing and breastfeeding!

Class / Workshop Facilitators

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