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Osteopathic Care

adorable-baby-beanieGentle, effective care for you and your baby.

Osteopathy is a manual therapy provided in both Toronto, Newmarket & York region locations that assists the body in optimal functioning. Osteopathy acknowledges the relationship between structure and function, and to get to the root of pain and dysfunction for you and your baby. It’s gentle, safe and —  best of all — very effective.

Through the palpation of tissues, fluid, bones and joint movement, an osteopath assesses, treats and integrates the whole body. When the body functions better it can easily manage pain, improve mobility and restore health.

Prenatal care can begin at any time during pregnancy, postpartum care is anytime after baby is born, and pediatric care can begin from the very first day of life. 

Prenatal Osteopathy Toronto, Newmarket & York Region

You’re expecting a baby but the aches and pains are really starting to add up. Your sleep may be disturbed. Your hips are so sore, and you feel like you’re on a rotisserie at night because you have to turn over so often.

The discomforts of pregnancy are many —  but so are your treatment options.

Thankfully, prenatal Osteopathy in Toronto, Newmarket & York region locations can help with gentle manipulations and soft tissue work to help ease your aches and pains so that you can feel better and enjoy your pregnancy.

Prenatal Osteopathy can begin at any stage in your pregnancy and can help with body aches and pains such as hip and low back pain, but also with visceral complaints such as constipation, aching legs and swelling. In addition, seeing an osteopath for labour preparation can help your baby settle into a great position for an easier birth and a faster recovery

Prenatal Osteopathic Treatments may include:

  • Specialized gentle techniques to help ease pelvic girdle/low back and hip issues
  • Gentle mobilizations to assist with swelling
  • Gentle adjustments appropriate for your growing body
  • Soft-tissue work to ease round ligament and broad ligament pain
  • Fetal positioning

Some of the common prenatal conditions that can be effectively treated by Osteopathy:

  • Upper and lower body swelling
  • Varicose veins
  • Shortness of breath
  • Numbness and tingling in hands
  • Pelvic, low back, tailbone and hip pain
  • Sciatica/sciatic nerve pain
  • Abdominal, round ligament and other uterine pain
  • Gas, bloating and constipation

Let us help you feel your best.

Postnatal Osteopathy in Toronto, Newmarket & York Region

Congrats on your little bundle of joy!

Becoming a mother is an incredible, exhausting, and formative experience for most of us. However, it usually comes along with a bunch of aches and pains. Your butt and lower back might be sore from sitting and feeding your baby all day and all night. Your shoulders are probably sore from said feedings. Your energy is depleted. Your organs might not be functioning quite the same way they were.

Postpartum osteopathic treatments in our Toronto, Newmarket & York region locations can help. Gentle treatments help restore function to all of your body’s systems to help reduce your pain, increase function and encourage overall wellness. Getting you feeling your very best is our top priority.

No matter whether you had a vaginal or a surgical delivery, we can help you feel your very best so that you can be the mother that you want to be.

Some of the more common postnatal conditions that can be treated with Osteopathy:

  • Neck pain
  • Low back and pelvic pain
  • Tailbone pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Wrist pain
  • Foot and knee pain
  • Gas, bloating and constipation
  • General swelling

Let Osteopathy Work its Magic.

Paediatric Osteopathy in Toronto, Newmarket & York Region

Healing your baby through the power of touch

Osteopathy has been around for hundreds of years and is a branch of medicine that aims to treat a range of conditions through the gentle manual manipulations of bones, muscles, and ligaments. Osteopaths understand the link between your body’s structures and what they are intended to do, and can make adjustments to help them function better.

West End Mamas offers specialised osteopath services for babies and young children in Toronto, Newmarket & York Region, and the GTA. Our highly trained professionals will assess any issues your child has been having, and can perform a series of gentle movements to help them feel happy and healthy again.

Paediatric osteopath in Toronto massaging baby’s feet

What is Paediatric Osteopathy?

Paediatric osteopathy refers to the specialization within osteopathy that focuses exclusively on babies and children.

Babies and children have different physical structures which are constantly shifting and changing as they grow. This constant change may result in growing pains and physical discomfort. This state of constant flux requires a specific and very gentle approach to osteopathy.

Our paediatric osteopath in both Toronto, Newmarket & York region will sit down with you and your little one to discuss any issues you might have been having. After performing an examination, they will recommend a plan of management.  Osteopathy is very holistic, so you will likely find that even though the problem seems to be in one area, the treatment is all over the body.  After all, everything is connected!

How Can An Osteopath Help My Baby?

Pediatric osteopathy can be super helpful for many of the common issues that come up with babies and kiddos.

Birth can be an especially traumatic event for some newborns (mamas too!).  Even “easiest” labour still involves a lot of compression and rotation for the baby.  This is compounded if the baby was posterior, if the mama had a long second stage (pushed for a long time), or if it was an instrument-assisted delivery (forceps, vacuum, etc.) Even a straightforward birth can result in some systemic issues for your little one just because of the compression and rotation from birth, which may lead to feeding issues, gassiness, pain and trouble sleeping.

After a very gentle physical exam, our paediatric osteopath will be able to perform some gentle, therapeutic movements and stretches to help alleviate these symptoms. Improvements can often be seen after just a single session, allowing both you and your new bundle of joy to get back to enjoying your time together.

Other issues that can be helped by paediatric osteopathy include:

  • Aches and pains
  • Difficulting sleeping
  • Excessive irritability and crying
  • Posture
  • Feeding difficulties

Osteopath Services For Moms

Both moms-to-be along with new mothers can benefit greatly from the experienced touch of an osteopath.

During pregnancy, your centre of gravity shifts and many organs, muscles, and bones shift to accommodate the new life growing inside you. This is all entirely natural (and thank goodness it happens because that baby’s got to go somewhere!), but it can also contribute to lower back pain, leg pain, swelling, and abdominal upset. Our expertly trained osteopaths in Toronto, Newmarket and York Region can help bring you back to equilibrium again using a series of gentle muscle and bone manipulation techniques. Treatments should relieve your pain and improve your quality of life!

After giving birth, your body needs time to recover.  Recovery and the reality of life with a newborn can can leave you feeling tired, sore, off-balance, and more. Osteopathy can help relieve all of these symptoms, allowing you to focus on parenting and self-care.

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Common Questions About Pediatric Osteopathy

What are the most common paediatric conditions that we treat?

In addition to correcting movement patterns, we commonly see babies for gas, constipation and digestive issues, colic and latch/feeding issues, among others.

Some babies have a hard time turning their head one way or another and osteopathy can be very helpful in assisting to return normal motion and function. This improves breast or bottle feeding, as well as overall wellness for your little one.  

At what age should I bring my infant in for osteopathy?

You can consult an osteopathic practitioner from the first days of your baby’s life, or as needed according to the appearance of symptoms or concerns.

What can I expect during a pediatric osteopathic visit?

The first visit is the longest and includes a thorough history of the birth and baby’s development. Although the focus in treating newborns is often on the head, the osteopath treats the whole body and can be aimed at the spine, the diaphragm, the upper and lower limbs, and the gut itself. Babies and infants are very receptive to osteopathic treatment.

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“I can’t recommend this place enough! As soon as my sister found out I was pregnant she told me to book an appointment with Dr Sarah. I’ve gone for chiropractic care, massage and physio, and I’m convinced they are part of the reason I’m 33 weeks pregnant and feel great. They provide so many services and everyone is so nice.”
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