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The Leading Prenatal & Postnatal Clinic Serving Clients in North York

West End Mamas has quickly become a leading centre for holistic prenatal and postnatal services since opening its doors in 2017. We provide expecting moms and new moms support with a wide range of services and treatments, all performed by our team of highly trained mamas. Our goal is to create a safe space where moms and their little ones can feel relaxed while getting the care that they need.

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We have recently expanded our services and opened a new facility in the York region in addition to our Toronto locations allowing us to provide service for even more mamas with our expert holistic healthcare.

The drive from North York is convenient for both our facilities, both the Newmarket and Toronto location are within 30 minutes.

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Pelvic Floor Physio North York

If you’re experiencing any pelvic floor pain or bladder control problems, West End Mamas’ expert physiotherapists can help you. Pelvic floor physiotherapy is one of the most important exercises that you can do in pregnancy, as it increases control and strength in a vital muscle group for birth. We’ll focus on addressing any pain or discomfort you may be feeling related to imbalanced or weak pelvic floor muscles.

Doula Services

A doula acts as a birthing coach, providing support to mamas throughout their pregnancy, labour, and after birth. They offer emotional, psychical, and educational support to create a safe and empowering birthing experience. A doula acts as the calm in the storm of labour, helping mamas make informed decisions and helping them advocate for themselves and their birthing plans. West End Mamas’ expert doula services can provide the care that North York mamas are looking for.

Chiropractic Care North York

West End Mamas offers safe chiropractic care for soon-to-be moms and new moms alike from North York. Routine chiropractic care can manage back, hip and joint pain, while also establishing pelvic balance in order to provide your baby with as much room as possible throughout the duration of your pregnancy. If you’re experiencing pain for discomfort, our expert chiropractors will get you back to feeling like your best self in no time.

Breastfeeding Support

It’s common for moms to have difficulty with breastfeeding—not every baby will latch on right away with ease. That’s why West End Mamas offers breastfeeding support for clients from North York and workshops led by our expert lactation consultants where mamas can get the encouragement they need. We’ll guide you through various techniques and tricks until you find the right breastfeeding groove for you.

You can do this, Let us help!

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Acupuncture North York

Acupuncture is an extremely old holistic form of medicine that’s designed to unblock energy flow in the body. It has many prenatal and postnatal benefits, including boosting fertility by reducing stress, balancing the endocrine system and increasing blood flow to your reproductive organs. It is completely safe to have acupuncture done while you are pregnant and it can actually help with various pregnancy-related symptoms and ailments.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a non-invasive, holistic approach to health management that can be used to treat a variety of common pregnancy ailments, including nausea/vomiting, sensitivities to certain foods and gestational diabetes. Our naturopaths will work with you to pinpoint your concerns and devise a health plan to get you feeling back to normal.

Osteopathic Care North York

There are many different symptoms of discomfort during pregnancy, but luckily there are just as many different treatment options for them. Osteopathic care is a non-invasive manula therapy that can alleviate musculoskeletal pain and other issues. Our experienced ostepathic physicians will treat you using techniques that center on joint, muscle, and spine complaints.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is not only an excellent self-care practice, but it can also be used to alleviate a variety of pregnancy-related muscle aches and tension. West End Mamas has special equipment that makes it safe for pregnant women to receive the massage therapy they need. Our licensed massage therapists have a combined total of over 25 years of experience and will work with you to identify your problem points before treatment.

West End Mamas provides comprehensive support and holistic women’s healthcare to moms and moms to be in the York region and Toronto. Before, during or after your pregnancy, it doesn’t matter! Contact us on the phone or book online to get the support you need from leading industry experts.

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