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Newborn Sleep Foundations: Navigating the World of Baby Sleep



60 minutes (45 mins interactive teaching + 15 mins Q&A)

As new parents, it is commonly treated as a rite of passage that we will be foregoing at least some sleep while we adjust to life with a little. This is a given. But no matter how much you prepare mentally for this stage, it can come as quite a shock when it actually hits.

In this workshopI will be outlining for you:

  • why sleep is so critical for your newborn and how it is internally regulated,
  • how you can set up a sleep-promoting environment for your baby based on what physiological cues your baby’s brain and body are searching for,
  • where to focus your undoubtedly limited energy during these early months
  • how YOU can get your best post-natal sleep

I will help you develop a deep appreciation of your newborn’s internal landscape when it comes to sleep and how you can use this understanding to lay a solid sleep foundation for your entire household.

Why is a workshop like this important?

Sleep is foundational to your baby’s growth and development. In addition to supporting the body in doing everything it needs to grow and develop, sleep does all the heavy processing of the information that your baby acquires while awake, making it equally as important as all of those magical waking interactions that you have with them.

Sleep is also critical to YOUR health and wellbeing. You need sleep to be your most present, most patient self. And though we, as parents, may be prepared to trade in a few sleepy hours to nurture the new little bundle that has graced us, extended weeks and months long sleep deprivation can start to wear on your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. It can make relationships more difficult. It can affect your ability to be attentive and aware. And in the worst cases, it can completely consume the early months of parenthood, risking the health and safety of you and your baby.

The good news is, with a little bit of insight and a little bit of intention, it is possible to navigate this world of sleep so that everyone in your family can get what they need.

Class / Workshop Facilitators

  • Dr. Denise Gassner (she/her)Infant and Child Sleep Expert

    Denise has been studying and teaching on various aspects of behaviour for nearly two decades. She turned her attention to sleep after having her own two little humans and becoming both fascinated and perplexed by how unnatural sleep can feel in those early years. Denise has virtual clinical hours with us at West End Mamas, and she teaches essential sleep workshops for our parents.

    Denise is driven to help make sleep less of a mystery for new parents and empower them to make informed decisions when it comes to healthy sleep practices that adhere to their unique parenting styles and family values. When not spilling about all things sleep, Denise can be found heading undergraduate classrooms at the University of British Columbia, dancing/running/exploring the outdoors, or hanging out with her husband, their two kids, and their pup in beautiful Squamish BC.

    Denise is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Class / Workshop Facilitators

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