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Toddler Steps

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$125(No Tax) – May be covered under your benefits plan under “Occupational Therapy”

45 minutes every week for 4 weeks

Toddler Steps is an engaging and interactive 4 week online program for parents. 

You’ve made it through the first 18 months; now what? Get new tips and tricks with one of our Pediatric Occupational Therapists, Lynne Newman, as you learn all about parenting a toddler and how you can best support their development. 

Through interactive and educational weekly sessions, Lynne will discuss a host of interesting topics from encouraging everyday life skills including activities that promote fine motor skills to all the ups and downs of parenting a toddler while using simplicity as an approach to parenting. 

Each class we will cover a topic that relates and connects to development— motor, cognitive, social, sensory.  More often than not, we are bombarded with information and pressure to do it all. Walk away with more confidence, calm and connection. This class and group discussions will help simplify your approach with your toddler giving you more time,  less worry and permission to have fun while your toddler plays or snoozes during class.


Can I get this covered under insurance if I live in another province?

It would appear that you may be able to, but you should check with your insurance just to be sure.

Can I claim this under my child’s name?

Yes, absolutely.  Just remember though that your insurance will only pay for those classes that you attend; not for those that you don’t.

I’m worried about screentime – should my child be doing classes online?

This is a class for mamas!  We have chosen the class timing and length with the understanding that your kiddo will likely be napping.  However, even if they’re not, the idea is that they should be fine to play around you while you are in class looking at the screen.  It’s not likely that the screen will be interesting enough for them to focus on it for any amount of time.

How does my insurance handle this?

We provide you with an occupational therapy receipt at the end of the series, which may allow this class to be covered by your insurance! This receipt is itemized and breaks the class fee into 4; please note that if you have insurance coverage, your insurance will only cover you for those weeks that you are present in class.

Cost: $125 (No HST)

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Class / Workshop Facilitators

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