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Postnatal Pilates: Parent/Caregiver and Baby Class

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$89 + HST for 6 weeks


1 Hour / week for 6 weeks

Drop-in for $18CAD + HST

THIS CLASS IS BEING HELD ONLINE, in a live-taught, interactive format.  Prior to your class start time, you will receive a zoom link for this class.

Join us for a Postpartum Pilates Class!

This class is focused on learning on how to engage and strengthen your core, including your abs, pelvic floor, glutes, back and shoulders.

This class will incorporate Pilates movements and exercises, along with light strength training using resistance bands and body weight exercises.
This class is 100% safe for c-section and diastasis recti patients.
This class is recorded and distributed to participants after each class.  The class video may be viewed for one week after each class.  This way, if you miss a class (life happens!), you can still watch it at a time that suits you.

What people are saying about the class

I started taking Jen’s post-natal pilates class when my son was three months old and have found it to be the perfect thing to get me back into exercising after pregnancy and while adjusting to life with a newborn. There is a good pace to the class and I feel challenged without feeling like I can’t keep up. I really like the focus on strengthening core muscles in the abdomen, as well as hips and thighs, since those are the spots where I’ve most felt the effects of pregnancy. Jen herself is incredibly fun and cheerful and I look forward to the class each week. Although I miss being able to attend in-person classes and the opportunity to meet other new moms, the upside to attending virtually is that if my baby is fussy during the class and I miss out on some of the workout, I can stream a recording of the class later in the week and get my workout in after my son has gone to bed.”

“Jen’s class is awesome. It is always the perfect intensity; gentle, yet still effective to work my abs and glutes (and any other muscle groups we are working on). Her class has been an important part of my postpartum recovery plan to rehabilitate my pelvic floor and diastasis recti, as recommended by my pelvic floor physiotherapist.”

Class / Workshop Facilitators

  • Jen Hodgkinson, Pilates Instructor, West End MamasJen HodgkinsonPilates Instructor

    Jen Hodgkinson is a certified Pilates Instructor, personal trainer and mom who created a Baby and Me Workout Group while on Mat Leave 2 years ago. She is passionate about easing new moms back into fitness safely in a fun environment! She’s happy to hold, crawl or walk with your little one, while you get your workout on! All fitness levels welcome.

Class / Workshop Facilitators

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