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Baby Steps Level 1 (6 weeks-6 months old)

$195 – May be covered under your benefits plan under “Occupational Therapy”

1 Hour every week for 6 weeks

This 6-week hour-long weekly class is for little ones that are pre-mobile.

Join our Pediatric Occupational Therapist as you learn age-and-developmentally-appropriate activities to do together with your little one. Make some new parent friends, and learn how to interact with your little one as they are on the move!

Enjoy some bonding time with your little one and and learn movement patterns such as rolling over and sitting up, tummy time, tips on sleeping, emotional regulation and build social skills.

York Region
Wed Jan 22 - Feb 26
12:00pm - 1:00pm

York Region
Wed Mar 25 - Apr 29
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Weekly topics:

Week 1: Overview of infant development and intro to the class
Here we talk about the progression of fine motor, floor play, sitting and mobility skill

Week 2: Infant Sleep
Some sleep facts and solutions. Honouring every baby.

Week 3: Sensory & Spaces
Sensory activities and how the environment plays a role in development

Week 4: Play for you and baby
Other things you can do, the balancing act, recommended toys

Week 5: Mealtime with baby
Schedules, positioning, ways to enhance feeding in first year

Week 6: Co-Regulation
Attachment, attunement, temperament (basically self-care, stress management)
Each class we will cover a topic that relates and connects to development— motor, cognitive, social, sensory.  More often than not, we are bombarded with information and pressure to do it all. Walk away with more confidence, calm and connection. This class and group discussions will help simplify your approach with your baby giving you more time,  less worry and permission to have fun while baby plays on the floor.

You will have some time to interact with other parents as well as have some time to practice skills such as tummy time and crawling (depending on where your child is at).

What other parents are saying about Baby Steps:

“The best part about the program was that I was given both opportunities to learn how to stimulate and play with my baby, and also the freedom to step back and let her explore the world on her own without guilt.” —Mom of two

*Please note: If you have extended health coverage, we can provide you with an occupational therapy receipt at the end of the series, which may allow this class to be covered by your insurance! This receipt is itemized and breaks the class fee into 6; please note that if you have insurance coverage, your insurance will only cover you for those weeks that you are present in class.

Cost: $195 + HST

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Class / Workshop Facilitators

  • Lynne Newman - Pediatric Occupational TherapistLynne NewmanPediatric Occupational Therapist and Baby Steps Instructor

    Lynne helps families find their way through the mess and beauty of life, one on one, in groups and on retreats in Toronto and online. She inspires them to develop new habits, skills and perspectives that make parenting— and life— more meaningful.

    She combines her background as a holistic occupational therapist and doula with her experience as a highly sensitive mother, meeting every family where they are at, so that they can feel more calm, confident and connected.

    While Lynne doesn’t practice as an Occupational Therapist with us at West End Mamas, she does teach our very popular mom-and-baby class, “Baby Steps”.

Class / Workshop Facilitators

  • Karen Don, Pediatric Occupational Therapy West End MamasKaren DonPediatric Occupational Therapist

    Karen has worked with babies and children in hospital and community settings. She is passionate about working with families to foster the developmental skills of babies from birth.

    She uses a holistic approach to guide babies’ development. She believes that all babies and families are unique and require individualized care.

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Upcoming Dates

York Region
Wed Jan 22 - Feb 26
12:00pm - 1:00pm

York Region
Wed Mar 25 - Apr 29
12:00pm - 1:00pm

York Region
Wed May 20 - Jun 24
12:00pm - 1:00pm

York Region
Wed Jul 22 - Aug 26
12:00pm - 1:00pm