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Learn About Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

When do you need a pelvic floor physiotherapy? A pelvic floor physio can be useful during pregnancy to help with symptoms such as low back pain, hip pain, leaking or pain with intercourse. In addition, regular treatment during the pregnancy can prepare you for childbirth and help you have an easier recovery. Come in six weeks after your baby is born to make sure that your pelvic floor is recovering well.

Will pelvic floor physiotherapy hurt? Pelvic floor physio shouldn’t hurt. It may be a bit uncomfortable and let’s face it, it can be a bit awkward, especially at first. But you should leave the office feeling much better than when you came in.

Is pelvic floor physiotherapy covered by insurance? Yes. If you have insurance coverage for physiotherapy, it will be covered as treatments are performed by licensed physiotherapists. We have physio’s on staff almost every day of the week meaning that we have some of the shortest wait times in the city.

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