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FREE Self-Care Mandala Workshop

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75 minutes

Join Cher Curshen, registered psychotherapist, for this free 75 minute workshop that focuses on creating a mandala as a tool for meditation and self-care.

Becoming a parent can change your life in wonderful, and sometimes challenging ways. It can be difficult to navigate a balance between your identity as an individual and your identity as a parent.The drawing of a Mandala facilitates the potential for healing, knowledge, stability and inner peace. It provides the ‘artist’ with a reflection of self allowing them to take a step back and objectively reflect.

So what is a mandala? The word mandala itself simply means “circle” in Sanskrit. The circle mirrors the Self as it represents wholeness and a model for the organizational structure of life itself, a cosmic diagram that shows the relation to the infinite and the world that extends beyond and within the mind and body. Mandala art begins with a central point and all other lines, colours, and symbols radiate out from that central place.
It is the connection that the mandala brings to Self and the Universe that makes it a wonderful self discovery tool. Through mandala creations you can intuitively regain perspective on what really matters in life, and focus on what is essential to you.
What to expect in this workshop:
-Participants will experience creating their own spontaneous creations of colour and form through a Mandala creation
-Discover their personal mandalas meaning through a reflective practice of writing and processing
-Optional group sharing
-Learn how to create a mandala diary for themselves for ongoing self reflection and self-care. Participants will receive a mandala diary handout sheet


What you will need for the workshop:

-A blank sheet of paper cut to square or a square art pad
-Art supplies such as: oil pastels, chalk pastels, coloured pencils
-Something to create your circle like a plate or lid (freehand is ok too!)
-A quiet space

This workshop is free!

Class / Workshop Facilitators

  • Cher Curshen (she/her)Registered Psychotherapist

    Cher (she/her) is a Registered Psychotherapist, Creative Arts Therapist and Trauma Specialist with over 22 years experience working with families, children, youth and adults.  She has worked with West End Mamas since early 2019 and has experience working broadly across the GTA within health and social service agencies and in school settings supporting children, youth and adults living with the many challenges life can bring including mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, trauma, complex and traumatic grief, anticipatory grief, loss, and life limiting illness.

    Cher has provided psychotherapy and Creative Arts Therapy services for children, teens, adults and families with the following agencies:  Toronto Children’s Aid Society, Toronto’s Ronald McDonald House, Bereaved Families of Toronto and Halton Peel, Dorothy Ley Hospice, Hospice Toronto, Trillium Health Centre, Toronto East General Hospital, Native Child and Family Services, Sherbourne Health Centre, UHN Recreational Therapists, Gildas Club, Wellspring, Alzheimer’s Society and Rexdale Community Health Centre.

    She is truly passionate about her work! She follows a strength-based focus that incorporates a number of therapeutic approaches aimed at meeting your or your child’s specific needs holistically, integrating mind, body, emotion and spirit. Cher has learned through experience, that we bring our own unique story to therapy and honours this with compassion and acceptance – after all, it’s YOUR one-time story of life! With the changes and challenges that can arise as a human and with parenthood, she views you as one of a kind.

    In your appointments, you will experience working together, moving you towards balance, harmony and wholeness, while developing your inner resources and the power and freedom to bring about change. Cher also offers couples counselling for people looking to find more peace and harmony in their relationship.

    Cher is grounded, calm, highly compassionate, energetically strong and balanced making her a soothing presence for clients. Although talk therapy is common when visiting with Cher she encourages creative expression within a variety of art modalities that include; visual arts, music and voice, poetry, writing and storytelling.   Her relationship with individuals is guided by a person centered approach, genuine caring and respect and her belief in the capacity for healing and growth.  She infuses her practice with positive life energy and dedication and utilizes creative arts techniques in a gentle, sensitive and active way.   

    On a personal note, Cher has three sons, including one set of twins and has one granddaughter! She is deeply involved in her own healing work and regularly receives treatments in modalities that are the same or similar to those she offers. She believes that art is a healing agent that works from within and enjoys living her life through creativity. 

    To book an appointment, please contact Cher directly. She can be reached at  or (416) 888-8852

    Cher is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Class / Workshop Facilitators

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