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Prenatal & Postpartum Chiropractic Care

Pregnant woman receives a prenatal chiropractic treatment to treat her painThe experience of motherhood is different for all of us.

That’s why our chiropractic services in Newmarket, York region, and Toronto are always catered to your unique situation, no matter how many weeks pregnant or postnatal you are – or how wee your little one is. West End Mamas chiropractic treatments are smart healthcare, good parenting, responsible preparation, and a self-care treat, all wrapped up in one.

Prenatal chiropractic treatments in Toronto, Newmarket, & York region at West End Mamas are provided on a specialized table that allows patients to safely and comfortably receive treatments while lying on their bellies – what a treat! 

Let's get that pregnancy glow back.

Prenatal Chiropractic Newmarket, York Region & Toronto

Chiropractor places her hands on pregnant woman's belly during prenatal treatmentYou’re expecting a baby but didn’t expect all the hip and joint pain.

Or the mood swings. Or the tiredness that just won’t quit because you haven’t slept in weeks. Not to mention that stabbing feeling you-know-where.

Unfortunately the aches and pains may be an unwanted side-effect of your pregnancy. Your neck might be aching, your hips may be uncomfortable, your pelvis and back may be sore, you may be having trouble sleeping, and all along, your body is changing on a daily basis.

We understand the discomfort of pregnancy and we can help you feel better. Our prenatal chiropractic treatments in Newmarket, York region, and Toronto are soft-tissue and gentle adjustment-based. We help your tight muscles relax, ease any paint or discomfort, and teach you ways you can feel good at home and in your life.

Prenatal Chiropractic treatments can start at any point during your pregnancy.

Prenatal Chiropractic Treatments in our Newmarket, York region, and Toronto locations may include:

  • Specialized gentle techniques to help ease pelvic girdle/low back and hip issues
  • Gentle adjustments appropriate for your growing body
  • Soft-tissue work to ease round ligament and broad ligament pain
  • Pubic bone adjustments to decrease standing and walking pain
  • Athletic tape and specialized modalities for rib pain
  • Gentle techniques for neck pain
  • Instruction on home exercises specific to where you are in your pregnancy
  • Advice on how to increase your activity if you’ve not been active (first trimester exhaustion, anyone?), or how to maintain your activity level if you’ve been active throughout your pregnancy.
  • Help with fetal positioning in case you already have a dancer on your hands

Some of the more common conditions we treat:

  • Pelvic girdle pain
  • Hip pain
  • Neck pain
  • Low back pain
  • Sciatica/Sciatic nerve pain
  • Groin pain
  • Abdominal/Uterus pain
  • Tailbone Pain
  • Pelvic pain

West End Mamas works with insurance companies to do online billing for treatments, whenever possible. Simply ask if your insurance company is compliant when you book your appointment.

Pregnant woman received a prenatal chiropractic treamtnet in preparation for labourLabour Preparation

Whether this is your first child or the next of many, we work to prepare your body for a shorter, easier labour without interventions.

Maybe the time has come (or has already passed). You and your baby are ready to take on the world together. Whether you’ve decided to have a home or hospital birth, a midwife or an obstetrician, we can help you prepare your body for an easier labour and birth. We’ll level and align your pelvis, release tension and stiff muscles, ease any of your anxiety or concerns, and provide moral and emotional support before the big day.

Many of our clients tell us that their labours were short and easy thanks to our labour prep prenatal chiropractic treatments in Newmarket,, York region, and Toronto. While we can’t make any promises about your labour, we can balance your pelvis, ease your aching glutes, and release any surrounding tension to your lower back and uterus to make labour as smooth as possible for you and your baby.

Labour Preparation treatments can begin as early as week 6 of pregnancy! Don’t worry – it’s never too late. Even if you’re 40 or 41 weeks pregnant and that baby hasn’t yet descended into your pelvis, come on in. We can help. 

Chiropractor helps a pregnant woman get her baby into an ideal birth positionMalposition Chiropractic Care

Our prenatal chiropractors see hundreds of mamas every year for breech, transverse and posterior babies – you’re in good hands.

The books tell you that by the mid-to-end of your third trimester, your baby will be in a head down position, readying themselves for birth. When your baby doesn’t drop or is in the wrong position, we call it “malposition” or “malpresentation”. You might have also heard the words breech, transverse, posterior, or even sunny-side-up. Regardless of what you call it, we can help create the ideal situation for your baby to move into position.

A recent journal article reported that prenatal chiropractic treatments for malpositioning result in an 82% success rate. For us, that statistic also means an 82% decrease in interventions and C-sections.

Malposition treatments can begin as early as 30 weeks.

Malposition treatments may include:

  • Specialized gentle techniques to help ease pelvic girdle/low back and hip issues
  • Gentle adjustments appropriate for your growing body
  • Soft-tissue work to ease round ligament and broad ligament pain
  • Pubic bone adjustments to decrease standing and walking pain
  • Athletic tape and specialized modalities for rib pain
  • Gentle techniques for neck pain 
  • Instruction on home exercises specific to where you are in your pregnancy
  • Advice on how to increase your activity if you’ve not been active (first trimester exhaustion, anyone?), or how to maintain your activity level if you’ve been active throughout your pregnancy.
  • Help with fetal positioning in case you already have a dancer on your hands

Let's get your baby head down and ready.

If you’re 36 weeks along or more, please call us directly and we’ll make sure to fit you in.

Postnatal Chiropractic Newmarket, York Region, & Toronto

Pregnant woman receives a prenatal chiropractic treatment to treat her painCongratulations, you had a baby!

While becoming a mother has been an incredible experience, once the euphoria of the birth wears off, you begin to realize what a toll the pregnancy has taken on your body. That’s okay. We get it. And we can help.

Your body is an amazing thing, especially in its ability to recover and rejuvenate. All it needs is the right kind of convincing.

Postpartum chiropractic treatments in Newmarket, York region, and Toronto can help alleviate the pain of childbirth, bring your core muscles back, and encourage long-term wellness using your body’s natural mechanics.

Postpartum Chiropractic Care can mean different things to different people.

Chiropractic Pain Relief

Easing your pain is always our top priority.

Diastasis (or the separation of the abdominal muscles) is a common postpartum complaint as are pelvic and hip alignment issues. Motherhood can make you feel all the feels; we can help alleviate the pain and increase the joy.

Recovering from labour isn’t always easy, especially since you now have a little one to take care of all day and night. If you’re in pain or having trouble reaching, lifting, or sitting, we can help.

Postpartum chiropractic pain relief treatments target and address the root cause of your pain. Chiropractic adjustments will decrease the pain associated with pelvic and hip misalignment and postpartum exercises will start to increase your core muscles, helping your body strengthen and recover. 

You may bring your new baby to the clinic – we even have childcare available in Newmarket, York region, and Toronto for your little one during appointments a few times a week! Call or email us today to inquire.

Common postpartum conditions:

You would think that having the baby was the hard part, right? Not so much. Pain after having a baby is common, and doesn’t make that difficult postpartum time any easier. A postpartum chiropractor can help. Some of the more common things that we see in the office postpartum include:

  • Neck pain (nursing/bottle-feeding hunchback)
  • Low back pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Tailbone pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis

Postpartum treatments may include:

  • Modalities such as ultrasound or IFC (Interferential Current) therapy to decrease pain
  • Clearance for return to exercise
  • Specific exercise prescription for wherever you are at. We recognize that being a mama is hard work, and often a strenuous exercise program isn’t practical
  • Soft tissue work to ease tension and hypersensitivity

Taking care of a baby is hard work, but it doesn't have to be painful.

Pediatric Chiropractic Newmarket, York Region & Toronto

Natural medicine for newborn babies and pediatric healthChiropractic care for infants and children.

Being born is a big job. That passage through the pelvis can be long and tumultuous. Being instrument-assisted to come into the world (forceps, vacuum, manual neck traction) can make things a little more rough. Being born by c-section is no walk in the park either; all that time spent in the uterus upside down can cause its own problems, such as hip and shoulder problems. Getting your kids looked at by our chiropractor for kids in Newmarket or Toronto shortly after birth is a great idea!

Bigger kids can benefit from a visit to the chiropractor too – we can assess major growth milestones, make sure that crawling/walking/running/sports are going well and keep your little one feeling their best as they grow.

Being a baby is hard work. We can help.

Common questions about Pediatric Chiropractic

What are the most common paediatric conditions that we treat?

The most common pediatric issues that see in our Newmarket, York region, and Toronto offices are digestive issues and colic in infants. Perhaps your baby is gassy, fussy, colicky or just has a hard time settling? Consider chiropractic.

We also very commonly see feeding and latching issues. If your baby is having a hard time latching, consider having her little spine checked out. Sometimes babies have a hard time getting their heads to turn one way or another, and a very gentle chiropractic adjustment can make all of the difference. If your baby only ever tilts their head to one side, consider a chiropractic assessment and treatment.

How can pediatric chiropractic help?

Some of the other common issues and conditions that may be treated with pediatric chiropractic:

  • Latching issues
  • Feeding issues
  • Colic
  • Digestive issues
  • Gassy babies
  • Crawling and walking issues
  • Torticollis/infants turning head only to one side
  • Constipation
  • Growing pains
Is chiropractic safe for infants/children? Will chiropractic adjustments hurt my child?

Chiropractic adjustments are very gentle and safe. Often babies will sleep through their assessment & treatment. Evaluating & treating an infant is very different from evaluating and adjusting an adult.

There is no audible sound or twisting of the spine required to treat an infant/child, just a gentle pressure that helps to facilitate proper alignment and remove any restriction in those joints. Children respond well to and love to get adjusted!

At what age should I bring my infant in to get checked by a chiropractor?

Your child is never too young to have their spine assessed. Our chiropractors have assessed and treated infants as young as the day they were born. Ideally, it’s best to bring your child in the first month of life. Even a “natural”, intervention-free vaginal birth places stress on an infant’s spine. Remember that your infant was there through every step of that birth with you! Follow up visits would be recommended during major milestones – starting to sit, crawl, walk. If they have experienced any trauma or there have been any signs of imbalance such as limping or head tilting, those are also good indications that your child should be checked.

What can I expect during a pediatric chiropractic visit?

The first visit will be the longest. We will go through a detailed health history and thorough physical exam, focusing on the neuro-musculoskeletal system and the function of the nervous system. We will discuss how chiropractic care can help restore proper joint function allowing the body to heal and work at its best. Chiropractic care may include gentle adjustments to the spinal joints that will be modified to the age, size and developmental stage of the infant or child. Craniosacral therapy (CST), a gentle technique used to help remove stress and underlying tension of the joints (sutures) of the skull, may be also be used.

It’s easy enough to understand that cranial symmetry is important for a growing brain, but the positive impact of CST on parasympathetic nervous – the part of the nervous system that is responsible for functions to thrive like sleeping, eating, pooping and growing – is incredible. CST is so gentle and relaxing that most infants sleep through this treatment. Home care recommendations may be given as well.

Help your body feel its best.

Common questions about virtual chiropractic sessions

What happens in an initial virtual chiropractic appointment?

Your first online chiropractic visit includes a detailed health history with a focus on what’s causing you the most pain. During the virtual appointment, we will ask you to mimic certain positions to assess how you move and what recreates your discomfort. Based on all of this, we will discuss what is happening to cause the issue and provide you with the tools you need to feel better and more like yourself as quickly as possible – right from the comfort of your home. 

What happens during a follow-up virtual chiropractic visit?

Great question! These appointments are used to check-in with your chiropractor and follow up with your treatment plan. We will discuss what is helping, what is not working for you, and if anything new has happened since the last time we spoke. Once we review how things are evolving and progressing, we’ll create a new plan of action specific to you.

Can babies also have a virtual chiropractic visit?

Yes! Infant chiropractic visits are a little different in a virtual appointment. We have the same detailed health history, which involves describing the pregnancy, labour, delivery and the first weeks/months at home. We’ll discuss in detail what is happening with your baby today.

What happens during an infant virtual chiropractic visit?

The physical exam will be completed by the parents at the instructions of the chiropractor. The majority of an infant assessment is observing the baby’s reaction to different stimuli to check for reflexes, movement patterns and range of motion. 

A plan of management will be created for the parents to complete with their babies in the comfort of their own home. Pressing issues may require an in-person follow-up visit with a West End Mamas pediatric chiropractor (when it’s safe to do so).

What happens during a baby’s virtual follow-up visit?

Great question! These appointments are used to check-in with your chiropractor to make sure that the home care is still appropriate for your baby’s age and physical development and adapt to their rapidly changing physical development.

How often should I book my baby’s virtual (or in-person) chiropractic visit?

Wellness visits, both virtual and in-person, are based on progression of developmental milestones. We assess Developmental Milestones at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months and 18 months. 

Virtual appointments will follow the same timeline of development milestones. Any delays or adaptive movement patterns will be addressed through a specific plan of management for the parents to complete at home. 

Being a baby is hard work. We can help.

Complementary Services & Treatments

We provide a holistic approach to treatment, and have a wide variety of services that compliment each other. Click on the links below for more information about how our other services can help you on your path to motherhood.



“West End Mamas opened up in York Region at the perfect time for me! I was about 4 months pregnant and just starting to run into some pinched nerve issues. I worked with chiropractor Katie for a few weeks and things got much better for me. Later on in my pregnancy I went for acupuncture to see if we could get things moving!!! I had to cancel my follow up appointment because I went into labour! Now, in my post partum, I have been seeing a pelvic floor specialist for help during my recovery. West End Mamas has it all. It’s a one stop shop for everything! Most importantly, the staff are amazing. Super friendly and supportive.”
– Stacey Blea

“I feel like I spent every other day of my pregnancy at West End Mamas – from the prenatal massage therapy, to the pelvic floor physio, and the prenatal chiropractic treatments, their practitioners helped me through a miserable pregnancy. I was sick and sore for the better part of my pregnancy but the team at West End Mamas helped make me much more comfortable than I otherwise would have been. And I can’t say enough about the girls at reception – if I needed to come in for an emergency appointment, they would do everything in their power to get me in. I would not have survived pregnancy without WEM. So grateful we have this amazing clinic in Toronto! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
– Alicia Cameron