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Baby Reflexology Can Help Your Baby’s Constipation

Reflexology is for babies too! Baby Reflexology is a safe healing therapy and there is nothing invasive used, just your hands.

It is a perfect way to connect with your baby, skin-to-skin through their feet and hands. We have thousands of nerve endings on our feet and hands and through touch we can access all parts of the human body. This helps to strengthen the fast growing body of a baby.

Reflexology can help to stimulate those parts of the body that take longer to develop, for example the stomach and digestive tract, the ears. etc., It can help to calm the baby and help them to learn to relax and sleep when they need to (when baby sleeps, mama is happy!).

Reflexology will give your baby inner harmony, balance and vitality in life.

In my Little Feet Baby Reflexology workshops, I love watching the mamas interact with their babies and learn the techniques to use them on a daily basis, especially when things aren’t going as expected.  I also love watching the development of the relationships between the mamas and how they change over the four weeks. But the most amazing thing for me is how the babies change in four weeks. It’s astonishing the growth we can see on a weekly basis!

The most exciting experience teaching mom and baby reflexology workshops was the time I helped a mom who came in with her four month old baby who was constipated after having his shots.  After working on his feet for 5 mins, he promptly filled two diapers within 15 mins, everyone was very happy!!

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