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A Beginners Guide To Prenatal Yoga

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years for its uniquely healing and calming potential.

Yoga puts you more in touch with your body and your mind, giving you time to unwind, relax, stretch, and strengthen the connection between what’s going on in your head and what’s going on in your body. Yoga can be especially beneficial during pregnancy, as it gives you a way to connect to the daily changes in your body, helps you connect with your baby, and can give you some tools for managing everything that is to come.

Our very own prenatal yoga instructor, Liz Laywine, has written a fantastic article on Sprout Collection about prenatal yoga. She covers all the amazing benefits of prenatal yoga, including improved strength, balance, pain relief, and a sense of community with other new mamas.

She also gives a beginners guide to five of her favourite prenatal yoga movements that each help with a different aspect of pregnancy. From the cat pose to the Goddess pose, if you’re new to yoga and you’re expecting, this is a must read!

Head here to check out the blog and get an idea of what to expect at a prenatal yoga class!

West End Mamas offers a range of yoga classes for mamas, including prenatal and postnatal options. Liz Laywine is one of our highly experienced yoga instructors who will take you through a series of empowering and relaxing movements, helping you to connect to your baby and your body in a safe space.

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